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Sewing Course for Teenagers - Basic to Intermediate

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Sewing Classes

This sewing course is designed for teenagers with very little or no experience in sewing with machines.

You have requested a 2 hour (120 minutes) class to be held on Mondays and Tuesdays (2hrs for 2 days each week) for eight weeks beginning Monday, April 4th, 2022 from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm to be held in my home at 128 Wesley Dr, Swedesboro NJ. I normally charge $50 per hour per student, but since they are sisters with the same level of experience I have discounted the price to $75/hr to include both girls. You have agreed in advance to provide safe transportation to and from my residence in Swedesboro, NJ for each class.

April 4th is to allow for the time (your approval and payment for 2 (two) computerized sewing machines, model Huskvarna Opal 670 from the "Sew What" SVP (Singer, Viking, Pfaff) Dealer located at 4311 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE, 19808, phone (302)397-8091. One machine is in New Condition, The other is a display model, will receive full-service check and be in full warranty, price to agreed upon after consultation with the owner of the shop and agreed upon and paid by you). At your preference, you can provide permission for me to pick the machines up after payment to "Sew What, Inc." or you may have them shipped to either your address or mine. At your discretion, this order may be canceled if you are not satisfied with the final price of the two sewing machines, and all parties involved will be considered to have no obligation to proceed.

Your invoice is for sewing classes for both of your daughters, Isabelle and Sophia, to learn the use and capabilities of their sewing machines, learn different sewing stitches, threading of the machine, bobbin winding, troubleshooting of basic techniques. You have requested the girls learn common sewing techniques which will include all of the basic stitches the sewing machine is capable of, including but not limited to stretch stitches, how to make buttonholes, sew in zippers, choosing correct fabrics, sewing in of elastic bands, gathering, understanding sewing patterns and sewing items such as pillowcases. I plan to teach them to make several additional projects utilizing their new skills that they show interest in.

While there are many fabric "notions" required for use in machine sewing such as thread, fabric scissors, rotary cutter, pins, buttons, fabric clips, self-healing cutting mats, and more, they are welcome to use my supplies while at my home and in class with the exception of cotton fabric.

You should plan to have at the completion of classes the basic items I just listed available for them to use at home. For example, fabric shears should never be used to cut anything other than fabric because it will dull the blades, and a 45mm rotary cutter makes it much easier to cut out fabric patterns. A "self-healing" cutting mat prevents damage to any surface during fabric cutting, yet the mat itself does not show cuts. Poly-cotton thread is usually purchased when choosing your fabric and pattern to match. I have ample supplies for their projects during class with the exception of their fabric choice.

I estimate that each girl would use approximately 5 yards of fabric each during the 8 weeks of class, they are welcome to either bring their own fabric for class or choose any of the many fabrics I have for the cost of $10.00 per yard (this is discounted also) I have many popular, high-quality cotton fabrics from brand name manufacturers (I am licensed to sell fabric by the yard from many manufacturers) as well as some "novelty" (Disney, Harry Potter, Frozen, Star Wars, etc) to choose from. Again they are welcome to shop and bring their own choice of fabrics. I have ample fabric for practice sewing that is free for use and not included in the projects they decide to make. If you wish to have them choose from the 100+ fabrics I have (yardage can be mixed and matched) please advise and I will invoice you separately for the fabric.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me so they can be resolved. I plan to speak to the shop owner of "Sew What, Inc." tomorrow and will advise you on the cost of the machines. 

The Classes are $75/hr for both Teens, to be held twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3pm -5pm = $300 per week for 8 weeks - $2400.00. Classes may be rescheduled if either child feels ill or shows symptoms of covid-19 with 24 hr advance notice by contacting me at 732-267-3759.

Thank you,

Linda Young, Owner

Dalisay Design